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Grandview Park Baptist Church exists to "Proclaim God's Glory through the Gospel of Grace for the Gladness of All Generations and Peoples," not only in Des Moines, Iowa, but around the world. We are a body of believers who enjoy a unity in faith and purpose expressed through diversity in age and background.


Our unity is demonstrated through a belief in the Bible, God's eternal Word. In a world that believes in no absolutes, we believe the Bible is the authoritative voice in all matters of faith and life. Our purpose is to proclaim His glory as we go into the world with the Word and to grow by the Word as we gather together in worship.


Our diversity is expressed through a growing abolishment of social or cultural boundaries and an abandonment of generational or financial barriers. The Gospel is for all peoples regardless of their race, religion, or resources. The common life in Christ that brings people together, is to be lived by the Spirit to the glory of God!


We are not a perfect church, but we are a "perfecting" church. God is shaping us by His Spirit to be like His Son. If you are someone who delights in God, then we would welcome you to join us in worship. If you are investigating the claims of Christianity, then we extend an invitation to visit us soon or read the section, What is the Gospel? on our website.



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